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Our Top 8 Holiday Essentials

Yes, we are used to our guests coming here on holiday, but we do love a holiday ourselves! Here’s what we (well Tara our CEO of all things pretty, I’m writing the post!) make sure we pack when we go away.

  1. Toothbrush. I buy new toothbrushes + pack them so I don’t have to remember them the morning that we leave. These cornstarch ones are great (they feel just like a normal plastic toothbrush) but bamboo ones are also a great option.
  2. Toothpaste. I always pick one that’s chemical free and sustainably produced. Natural toothpastes take some time to get used to, but once you’re converted you’ll love them.
  3. Soap. Depending on how long I’m going for I’ll grab either a mini guest soap or the full bar and cut it down. These come with a paper wrapper you can wrap up and keep everything else from sticking on travel days when your soap is still wet. These are also some of the best soap bars I’ve ever used – not drying at all.
  4. Deodorant. The tubes of these are great, but so is the mini version! Small enough to pop into your backpack/bag.
  5. Shampoo + Conditioner. Most natural shampoo and conditioner bars come in a handy travel size. If they don’t just cut them down, so you don’t have 2 big bars with you.
  6. Sunscreen. This sunscreen is reef safe, chemical free and is one of the easiest natural sunscreens to rub in. It doesn’t leak out of the tin either – ever.
  7. Insect Repellant. This is a bug balm and it’s so good. It repels bugs with a herbal mixture that rubs in easily + smells beautiful. Great for kids. If you forgot to use it and did get bitten, its good for stopping the itch too.
  8. Lip balm. In a recycled paper tube, this lip balm is great. You can never have enough right!? Keeps your lips soft during travel or nourishing if they’ve been burnt in the sun.

I pop all the bars in their little paper wrappings (baking paper would work if you don’t have the original wrappers) in a Tupperware container and everything else goes in a fabric bag. Easy + simple to pack and travel with!

While you’re here, pop into Consciously Clean in Tugun and have a browse or stock up on anything you may have forgotten to bring with you. They are a bulk refillery, but once you venture towards the back of the store, you’ll find so many things. The ladies in there are so lovely – always ready to answer any questions you might have or give you some recommendations.