Your Team

The people behind the magic.

Erin Osborne

Holiday Coordinator/Leisure Liaison

Meet Erin, our vibrant Holiday Coordinator who infuses every interaction with warmth and efficiency, ensuring unforgettable experiences for our guests and seamless communication with our homeowners.

With a passion for both adventure and relaxation, Erin’s favourite cocktail, the chilli coconut margarita, mirrors her dynamic personality. When she’s not orchestrating holiday bliss, you might find her indulging in an ideal day on the Gold Coast—sans kids—at Siblings in Kirra, followed by a leisurely afternoon engrossed in an autobiography. But family time holds a special place in Erin’s heart.

Drawing from a diverse career path, Erin cherishes her experiences as a flight attendant, where she explored the world and met fascinating people. Transitioning seamlessly into the hotel industry, she continued to thrive, paving her way to Nuve, where she values the tight-knit camaraderie and unwavering support.

For Erin, life’s essentials include her two children and a good cup of tea. When faced with the age-old beach versus mountains dilemma, Kirra Beach emerges victorious, reflecting her love for the ocean’s serenity.

In her role, Erin’s strengths shine brightly—her ability to find humor in any situation, her penchant for organization, and her unwavering commitment to prioritizing what truly matters, embodying the spirit of hospitality with a dash of flair.

Angela Slead

Client Engagement Manager/The Holiday Maven

The warm and driven backbone to all holiday home affairs who places great impetus on establishing and nurturing new and existing owner relationships.

Angela brings a wealth of experience to the team in business development, acquired from her roles as a hotelier in managing luxury accommodation and previously owning a successful allied health business. Originally from America, her passion for Southeast Queensland is unmatched; she unabashedly adores our part of the world, particularly the incredible portfolio of luxury properties we work across here on the southern Gold Coast. There is never a challenge too much for this grounded yet risk-taking soul to tackle, who supports her whole approach to customer service on knowing and surpassing people’s needs —skilfully and consistently.

Organising things flawlessly and consistently seeing the bigger picture makes her a forerunning and invaluable part of our team.

David Lawley

Concierge/Jack of All Trades

Mixing the charismatic demeanour of a British gentleman with the dynamo attitude of a true-blue, means Dave is well versed in exceeding expectations.


Hailing from Liverpool, England, our jack of all trades and concierge used to surf the frigid waters of the Irish Sea in his youth; before eventually realising Australia was likely a better spot to be amongst the waves. A Currumbin local for almost 40 years and enjoying the year-round outdoor lifestyle the area affords, our real estate veteran is more than happy to make your stay in his backyard a comfortable one.


Any guests that have stayed with us for a  few years will know David and he makes sure they have a memorable holiday.

Alex Passos

Director/The Boss Man

With a carefree Latin spirit, and heart to match, delivering top notch customer service is paramount to our man at the top.

When it comes to the Gold Coast lifestyle no lives and enjoys it more. Originally from a real estate background and growing up on the upbeat beaches of Rio De Janeiro, as he says in his own words: I need Salt and sand in my life. After coming to this stretch of coastline some two decades ago to learn English, it’s no big surprise he decided to stay — and marry a local girl in the process.

Making sure everything runs smoothly and fairly — with a dash of South American charm for good measure — is Alex to a tee.

Lucas Passos

Operations + Finance/The Problem Solver

Meet Lucas, a dynamic professional from South America who seamlessly blends academic excellence with a passion for business growth. Armed with a bachelor’s degree from Bond University, Lucas is not your typical surfer boy. Instead, he’s a financial maestro who oversees operations and propels companies to unprecedented heights.

Raised on the vibrant beaches of Rio de Janeiro + here on the Gold Coast, Lucas’s love for surfing + jiujitsu is matched only by his strategic mindset. His leadership style is a perfect fusion of academic acumen and a laid-back charm, making him a standout figure in both the boardroom and the surf.

With a perpetual smile and infectious enthusiasm, he turns challenges into opportunities, embodying the perfect blend of education and passion.

Tara Passos

Marketing Manager/CEO of All Things Pretty

With unrivalled creativity and an elevated level of focus at her disposal, Tara brings an enviable amount of ability to her comprehensive role as Marketing Manager within the team.

By approaching real estate promotion with utter honesty and humility, our mother of three and wife to Alex attains incredible results in publicising and communicating the very best facets surrounding properties — to the right people at the right time. Tara is well travelled and versed in differing cultures and approaches to business, and as a result, has developed several effective methodologies needed to overcome specific complications as they arise. Not easily fazed — if at all — she exudes professionalism with every engagement, but most of all, she loves nothing more than to sink into a good book paired with our long hot Gold Coast afternoons.

A high-level communicator who fuses her free-spirited temperament with untiring proficiency.

Lucas Ribeiro

Media Manager/The Media Guy

Meet our visual virtuoso, the maestro behind the lens, and the creative force transforming ordinary moments into cinematic masterpieces—introducing our young but exceptionally talented videographer and photographer.

Despite his age, don’t be fooled; our visual prodigy has honed his craft to perfection. Having worked with influencers boasting millions of followers, he’s not just capturing images; he’s crafting visual narratives that leave an indelible mark.

His keen eye for detail and innovative approach ensures that our house looks nothing short of spectacular, and he effortlessly weaves magic into every frame. His ability to capture the essence of the moment and tell a compelling story sets him apart in the competitive world of visual storytelling.

Andre Santos

Marketing Strategy + Paid Advertisement Manager

Meet Andre, with a professional foundation as solid as the engineering structures he once designed in Brazil, Andre has navigated his way to the shores of the Gold Coast, where strategy meets serenity.

 Andre’s career mosaic is as vibrant as his love for the coast, from engineering feats to embracing the opportunities down under, leading him to his true calling in Paid Advertisement and Marketing Strategy with Nuve Escapes. Here, his tenacity for learning and growth propels him, his commitment etching success in the digital sands.

 Gold Coast living harmonizes with his soul, where family is his anchor, and the beach is his haven.

 Strengths like unwavering dedication, resilience against the tides of challenge, and a perpetual quest for innovation make Andre a stalwart in crafting Nuve’s strategic vision, ensuring that every campaign not only reaches the horizon but dances beyond it.