Your Team

The people behind the magic.

Tara Passos

Holiday Home Marketing Genius

With unrivalled creativity and an elevated level of focus at her disposal, Tara brings an enviable amount of ability to her comprehensive role as Marketing Manager within the team.

By approaching real estate promotion with utter honesty and humility, our mother of three and wife to Alex attains incredible results in publicising and communicating the very best facets surrounding properties — to the right people at the right time. Tara is well travelled and versed in differing cultures and approaches to business, and as a result, has developed several effective methodologies needed to overcome specific complications as they arise. Not easily fazed — if at all — she exudes professionalism with every engagement, but most of all, she loves nothing more than to sink into a good book paired with our long hot Gold Coast afternoons.

A high-level communicator who fuses her free-spirited temperament with untiring proficiency.

Teigan McDonald

Vice President of Home Affairs

The warm and engaging Executive Assistant to Alex, who covers all bases with an unmatched intuitive calmness.

Teigan brings to the table years of executive-level management experience within hospitality — and paired with an unwavering appetite to hit goals — her abilities ensure winning new sales and marketing the firm in stellar fashion are but a breeze. No challenge is too much for this grounded yet adventurous soul, who underpins her whole approach to customer service on knowing and surpassing people’s needs —competently and consistently.

With Mediterranean ancestry, any interaction With Teigan aligns strongly with building connection and a deep-rooted appreciation for family values. In her eyes, the differences between a house and a home rest in the bond forged between the people residing within its four walls.

Alex Passos

El Capitan

With a carefree Latin spirit, and heart to match, delivering top notch customer service is paramount to our man at the top.

When it comes to the Gold Coast lifestyle no lives and enjoys it more. Originally from a real estate background and growing up on the upbeat beaches of Rio De Janeiro, as he says in his own words: I need Salt and sand in my life. After coming to this stretch of coastline some two decades ago to learn English, it’s no big surprise he decided to stay — and marry a local girl in the process.

Making sure everything runs smoothly and fairly — with a dash of South American charm for good measure — is Alex to a tee.

Jess Dunphy

Holiday Home Specialist

An adept problem solver who fits the role as Holiday Coordinator faultlessly, Jess’ high-level skillset is cemented by a present-in-the-moment demeanour, respectful approach, and relentless attention to detail.

Juggling times, dates, and deliverables, whilst making and amending new bookings come inherently easy to the former travel agent. In her multi-faceted position, no undertaking is too arduous, as she deftly switches from property management tasks to customer communications effortlessly. With her passions firmly entrenched in raw landscapes and excursions into nature, her free-spirited character acts as a steadfast foundation for someone who endeavours to give the very best client-focused experience possible.

A romantic at heart but somebody who isn’t afraid to speak out, Jess’ ambitious persona ensures your holiday desirables are wholly tangible and totally delivered upon.